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Lucy Studio maternity session


As a photographer who specializes in capturing the beauty of motherhood, I understand how important it is to document the special time in a woman's life when she is expecting a child. Maternity photography sessions are a wonderful way to capture the beauty of growing a baby and the excitement and anticipation that comes with it.

I had the pleasure of working with Lucy, an expectant mother, for her maternity photography session. We worked together to create a personalized session that reflected her unique style and personality. While we considered different outdoor locations, Lucy ultimately chose to do the session in a studio. Her reason for this was to concentrate on the details and keep the shoot classic and timeless.

In the studio, we were able to control the lighting and create a more intimate atmosphere that allowed us to focus on the intricate details of Lucy's pregnancy. We played with different poses, lighting setups, and props to create a variety of images that showcased the beauty of her pregnancy.

Despite being in a studio, the session was far from sterile. We had a lot of fun and laughter throughout the shoot, and Lucy's joy and excitement were palpable. Her choice to do the session in a studio allowed us to create a timeless and classic look that will remain relevant and beautiful for years to come.

Maternity photography sessions are a wonderful way to capture this special time in a woman's life. The photographs serve as a beautiful reminder of the excitement and anticipation that comes with pregnancy. As a photographer, it is my privilege to help expectant mothers like Lucy capture this magical moment in time.




 I offer a variety of packages to cater to your individual needs and preferences. Whether you prefer a location session that represents your unique style or a studio session for a more controlled environment, I've got you covered. Each package is customized to provide a unique experience and capture your unique essence. You can choose the package that works best for you and your budget, and I'll make sure to deliver a memorable and enjoyable photoshoot.



Do you want to stay at home in your love bubble? Adventure at the beach or stick to the classic studio session? Its up to you! 



To book in your session fill in my enquiry form with your session type and perferred date. I will then get back to you within the day!

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